Curious Times at the Portsmouth Book Awards

I’m delighted that my book Seven Second Delay has been nominated for the Portsmouth Book Award 2015.

Looking through the other books nominated I was struck by a couple of things. One that I’m humbled to be in such great company. The other that it seems there’s almost a theme in the titles of the books.

Here is the shortlist:

Bird, Faye: My Second Life

Boroughs, Allan: Ironheart

Easton, Tom: Seven Second Delay

McKenzie, Sophie: Split Second

Updale, Eleanor: The Last Minute

Notice anything odd? Three of the titles contain the word ‘Second’, another contains the word ‘Minute’. Allan Boroughs’ Ironheart is the odd one out having no time-related words in the title.

What this means is anyone’s guess, probably a coincidence, but it seems the good people of Portsmouth like a thriller, especially ones with a race-against-the-clock element.

This is the second time I’ve been nominated for this award. HAV3N was shortlisted in 2013.

Hold on…SECOND?...TIME? This is just getting weird.

I’m gonna need a minute.

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