Fifty Shades of Graham - The Final Chapter

From the Diary of Ben Fletcher

27th March

Ooh! Just got the final chapter of Fifty Shades of Graham. Book One that is.

Turns out there's to be a trilogy. Tense, if slightly disturbing, cliffhanger at the end.

Daisy stood there looking at me as I looked back at her, all four of our eyes smouldering. She

looked totally ravishing in her wedding dress. I wondered if she was wearing the silk lingerie

underneath that I bought her for her 23rd birthday.

'It's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding,' she said, looking really nervous. 'You need

to get out.'

'The guests are in their pews,' I replied, smiling. 'The vicar is waiting, the canapes are in the

microwave. What could possibly go wrong now, Daisy? It's finally going to happen. You and I

are going to be together forever.'

I walked towards her. 'Stop,' she said. 'Please go.'

'What is it Daisy?' I said to her. 'What's wrong for god's sake?'

Then someone sneezed. Under. Daisy's. Dress. I stepped forward and pulled up the dress.

Daisy cried out and I stared in amazement at the man hiding underneath my fiancee's

£10,000 wedding dress, getting a good look at the knickers I'd bought her for her 23rd


My jaw dropped.

'Hello Graham,' the man said.

'Dad?' I replied. 'Is that you?'

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