Boys Don't Knit has received a starred Kirkus review. Kirkus are a highly respected US trade review journal and starred reviews are extremely difficult to come by. Needless to say I'm delighted.


I'm also delighted to confirm that Boys Don't Knit is a Junior Library Guild Selection for Spring 2015. The JLG is a US institution which has been providing the very best books to public and school libraries across the States for decades. Being selected by the JLG is a huge honour.


Reviews of Seven Second Delay


Lovereading Reader reviews of Seven Second Delay by Tom Easton


Eloise Mae Clarkson, age 11

I would rate this book five out of five starsfor these reasons. This book was awesome! It had loads of things I liked included in it. It had so many great characters, all equally different. The plot was amazing with loads of unpredictable things that happened. Iloved all the technology that was included inthis book. It was very good indeed. This bookproves that seven seconds can make all thedifference in a range of situations.


Alicia Lagan, age 13 - St Colm’s HighSchool Draperstown.

‘Seven Second Delay’ is a dystopian novel and follows how our main character Mila ison the run from agents who try to implant her with a phone that shows them everything she does. The concept is really interesting and the book cover is mysterious. My favourite character is Milabecause she is a really intriguing character but she is stubborn to. The end ofthe book is really intense and I couldn’t put it down. I wouldrecommend this novel to boys and girls aged 13+ and hope to read more of TomEaston’s work. I am really glad I read this book and would give it a 10 out of 10.


Rosa Boran, age 14I really enjoyed this book. It was so cool and had me on my toes. Itwas a great read.This was a great book. It was intense at points and had me guessing about whatmight happen. I really enjoyed it and wanted more when it was finished. It wasfilled with action and unexpected things happened. I loved the flashbacks andwished there was more of those and now I really want a sequel.


Sarah Murray, age 15 – www.everyoneneedsabooknook.blogspot.comI loved this book! It was high tech, action packed and everything adystopian should be!This book starts off with faced paced action and goes up from there. Myfavourite part was how believable it was; the technology seemed to be only afew steps ahead of our own and because of that it made it all the more exciting.I really liked how Mila's back story was revealed slowly and added so much tothe story. The fast pace of the novel was brilliant and the constant switch ofview points helps give a rounded story that keeps the reader guessing.


Emily Passmore, age 13 - interesting book with something for everyone: romance,suspense and adventure. All in one brilliant book!I absolutely loved this book! There are quite a few parallels to the ‘HungerGames’ in setting and universe, as there's a much richer, luxury-filled area withsupreme power, which everyone aspires to get into, a much, much poorer areawhere there's hardly enough to live on. The plots are significantly differentthough. There's something for everyone really; adventure, suspense, even a bitof romance. Also, the idea of having a phone directly ingrained in your head isreally interesting in this book. And trust me, you will not put this down!


Jasmine Randall, age 12

‘Seven Second Delay’ was a gripping, fast-paced tale with not a dullmoment throughout the whole book. The plot was complex but it fittedtogether perfectly forming an unputdownable story. It is set in the future at atime when the European Union is in ruins however the British Isles is thrivingwith extremely sophisticated technology. The main character is a girl namedMila. This book sends chills and thrills up your spine on a regular basis and Iwould definitely recommend it to both boys and girls who are about 12 yearsold. It was unputdownable and I would 100% recommend it.


Rose Heathcote, age 15AMAZING - Action packed storyline which I couldn't put down.Great survival story which will have you hooked from the beginning.YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED a really captivating book.The story is well thought out with an imaginative gripping storyline. The bookalways kept me guessing and the plot would frequently take twists and turnsthat I didn't expect. Mila the main character is brave, smart and witty, she hasto be quick thinking because she cannot trust anyone. Adam another prominentcharacter in the book is rebellious, this makes him all the more heartwarming.The author writes in such detail about all the characters you cannot help butconnect to them. It has a dramatic ending which you cannot fail to enjoy. Abrilliant story that I would give 5 ***** and definitely recommend to my friends.


Esmé Molloy, age 14

This book is amazing, I was so hooked I read it all through the night!11/10!This book is for anyone who likes a thrill.I loved Eastons style of writing, he really makes you feel like you're not justthere watching but running along WITH Mila as she defies the increasinglyinvading government and fights for her life .It is futuristic yet realistic, grips from beginning till end.For boys or girls of around 11+.I would definitely read a sequel!!!!!


Sam Moffat, age 11

‘Seven Second Delay’ by Tom Easton is a brilliant book. It is really good becauseit is action packed and full of mystery and surprises. ‘Seven Second Delay’ is allabout a girl named Mila who is wrongly accused of terrorism. The story isabout Mila escaping from the centre (a kind of prison) and trying to prove herinnocence. The reason the book is called ‘Seven Second Delay’ is because Milagets a device called a ‘phone’ inserted into her head, this ‘phone’ allows thepeople looking for her to see what she sees but seven seconds after she sees it. Iloved this book, it was like no other book I have ever read. I couldn’tput it down and I read it over two nights. I liked the suspense of this bookand the fact that I couldn’t guess what was going to happen next. I think thisbook would be good for an age group of about 11-14. I would give this book 5/5and will definitely look out for more Tom Easton books.


Susana Sanchez-Gonzalez - adult

This is Tom Easton’s second book for YA and it is very different from ‘Boys Don’tKnit’. This time Easton ventures into the world of dystopian fantasy, certainlyticking all the boxes for those fans of this genre. In this futuristic world, peoplesurrender their freedom and privacy to the Estate’s surveillance system,broadcasting every single aspect of their lives via mobile phones that areinstalled in their brains and can be controlled with the blink of an eye. In return,the people living in this island get privileges and a comfortable life, miles fromthat experienced by the rest of the world, impoverished after years at war witheach other. Mila wants to enter this island but once she does, things don’t go asplanned and now she needs to escape. Constantly betrayed by the mobile phoneinside her, she only has the seven seconds delay between her real time and thetime shown on their captors’ screen, to succeed. The story flows at a vertiginouspace and at times, it gets too confusing with all the descriptions of how thetechnology in this world would work. In addition, the characters lack depth andare a bit stereotypical. Those readers wanting a fast-paced story set inthe future and full of gadgets will not be disappointed but to me, thisbook is a bit like a rollercoaster that has not enough loops… Still, it isa rollercoaster, so it is always worth a ride.

Reviews of Boys Don't Knit
'I was not expecting so many laughs and so much fun from this. I devoured the whole book cover to cover in one sitting; I literally couldn’t put it down! Tom’s book definitely isn’t one to miss this year.'
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Luna's review Dec 21, 13 4 of 5 stars Read on December 02, 2013 Allow yourself a few hours for reading Boys Don’t Knit because most likely you’ll end up like me, starting and unable to finish until the last page. From the very first page T. S. Easton had me hooked.I loved Ben’s voice, the story is narrated as a diary and from the moment Ben tells us about his sister eating tadpoles I knew Boys Don’t Knit would be my kind of book. Due to the “unfortunate incident” Ben ends up in a knitting class, it’s a long story but instead of the hot teacher he expected the instructor is the mother of a girl Ben likes from school.Between trying to hide his knitting projects from his dad, the girl and his friends Ben also begins his community service, with the lollipop lady he accidentally knocked over. While the initial meeting had me in laughing until my sides hurt I liked the changing relationship between them.Boys Don’t Knit is hilarious. You will laugh A LOT. This is a book that will appeal to anyone with a sense of humour and a love for good writing.