"I told Dad where I was going and he seemed really proud, like I was off to receive a Duke of Edinburgh award as opposed to what I was actually doing, which was fulfilling the terms of my probation by providing home assistance to an old lady I'd nearly killed. I suppose it's good to have his support, but if he's proud of me over this it does tend to suggest he has quite low expectations. I clearly don't need to do much to earn his respect. If I'm ever in the dock at Basingstoke Crown Court facing a thirty stretch for a triple murder, I can be sure Dad will be there in the gallery wiping away a tear, beside himself with pride at the fact that I managed to tie my own tie."


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An English Boy in New York


The sequel to Boys Don’t Knit


The Master of Mohair is back


As part of his prize for winning the All-UK Knitting Championships, seventeen-year-old Ben Fletcher has won himself an all-expenses paid trip to New York... and to the US National KnitFair. Unfortunately his new girlfriend Megan is (somewhat suspiciously) unable to come with him, which means Ben has the dubious pleasure of being accompanied by his family and his third-choice-friend Gex.The other problem is, Ben's not really sure he wants to be known as teenage knitting genius any more. His idea for a knit-able hoodie could make him millions... or turn him into a laughing stock forever. An existential knitting crisis turns out to be the least of Ben's concerns though, as he quickly finds that his apparent magnetism for trouble has followed him across the pond. Join Ben for another hilarious misadventure, involving some overly-eager Knitting Expo representatives, suspicious men in dark suits, some potential trouble from the Mob, a mix-up of epic proportions with Megan... and still rather a lot of knitting.


Boys Don't Knit has won the Coventry Inspiration Book Awards 13+ category.

In addition, BDK has been shortlisted for the Leeds Book Awards in the 11-14 category.

The book was nominated for the prestigious 2015 Carnegie Medal. More details here.


It was also shortlisted for the Peter's Book of the Year Award