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I write Science Ficton/Thrilers for YA under the name Tom Easton. I write comedy as TS Easton to distinguish between the genres. HAV3N was my first book in the Sci Fi genre and was published by Andersen. My most recent book in the genre is Seven Second Delay which published in May 2014.

Shortlisted for the Portsmouth Book Award 2013

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It starts with a cough, a few aches and pains and a weird spot on the back of your neck. It is HAV3N, the worst disease the world has ever seen.


With friends and loved ones dying in their thousands, the villagers of picture-postcard village Great Sheen are convinced this is more than just media hype. Their entire existence is under serious threat. So they barricade themselves in - and the infected out.


Seventeen-year Josh, his sister Martha and their two friends survive the onslaught of HAV3N, along with only seventy-eight other villagers. But they now face a very different future. One in which they could be the only living teenagers in the world . . .

These are two books I wrote a few years ago under the pseudonym Lara Fox. They are not currently in print but I aim to re-release them as eBooks when I have time!

Shortlisted for the Portsmouth Book Award 2015


Shortlisted for the Lancashire Book Award 2015


Mila is seeking a new life on the utopian Isles. Citizens of the Isles are implanted with a phone at birth, giving them free access to all that society has to offer. But when Mila is captured by the sinister Agency, she is implanted with a phone, allowing the Agency to watch her every move. Everything she sees and hears is monitored by her handler, Adam, who begins to find himself drawn to Mila - until he discovers a terrifying secret about her. Forced to go on the run, Mila's one advantage is a seven second delay between what she does and what Adam sees. Unable to trust anyone, Mila faces a desperate race to discover the truth about her past.


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